Domes for Africa is introduces the Monolithic EcoShell™ Dome as a fast, practical way to build strong, permanent Domiciles that can be used for virtually anything. Click Here For General Pricing Information


The Domicile is a monolithic cast concrete structurally-reinforced shell-- uniquely strong in form and aerodynamics. The innovative Airform construction process allows the Dome to be constructed in numerous shapes and sizes with ease and precision.

The campaign strives to merge social responsibility and for-profit business strategies to develop capacity amongst rural youth entrepreneurs-- ultimately creating self-sufficient business entities that support community development.

To date, we’ve raised the initial startup capital for our Domes for Africa campaign thru angel investors, crowdfunding and private funds-- with the initial seed capital used to purchase the specialized Dome building equipment. This has enabled us to form and train the first Dome Building Cooperative, which is currently building Domes in the Prampram / Ningo area.

Thank you for taking an interest in our Domes for Africa Campaign. We are currently seeking impact investors who are interested in supporting our campaign by commissioning their own private Monolithic EcoShell™ Dome Projects in Ghana.

"It’s not small, it’s Tiny!"... Introducing the TINY Dome

-10 Ft. Round (80 Sq. Ft.) / 10 Ft. Ceiling Height

Great for Storage Units, Business Kiosks, Guard Houses, Boys’-Quarters, Restrooms, Granaries, and more…

... and the versatile Dome Studio.

-20 Ft. Round (300 Sq. ft.) / 10 Ft. Ceiling Height

Think of the Dome as a single unit which can be used for virtually anything. Now imagine multiple Dome units clustered together in different shapes and sizes to form spaces for housing, business, and more.

Our aim is to introduce and market the Dome building type to garner popularity as a viable housing model that can be utilized to help alleviate the housing deficiency throughout rural communities.

'Show me your friend, and I will show you your character.' ~African proverb



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